Top 5 Google Tools SEMer or PPCer Should Know

I wrote an article about the adwords strategy, and in this post, i mentioned some tools to help do something before start your adwords campaign, but i do not share how we use these tools, today i will say something about the top 5 Google tools we should use as a semer or ppcer.

#1 Google Keywords Tool(http://adwords.google.com/o/KeywordTool )
All the marketer must know this tool, it's one of the best tool of google. No matter you are a ppcer or seoer, we all must deal with keywords. This tool helps us to research keywords, let us know the world of google we may never know. Do you have this time, when we find a keyword that give us many traffic, but we never considered before, we search the word into google keywords tool, then we know why, it's really a hot keyword. That's the magic of this tool.

What can we do by this tools?
a) Find the keywords we want
b) Find the negative keywords we do not want
c) Get an Ad group suggestion
d) Check the product marketing

#2 Google Insights for Search (http://www.google.com/insights/search/)
This is another wonderful tool of google. You can do almost everything about marketing via this tool.
a) Find the Trends of some keywords
b) Find the hot keywords about some products
c) Compare the products marketing
b) Analysis your branding strategy
d) Research the marketing of some products
e) ......

#3 Google Global Marketing Finder (http://translate.google.com/globalmarketfinder/ )
I use this tool to research the country marketing of our business. We can get the data about our customers and know where are they, which language do they use. When we want to open up a new market, we should research something by this tools.
a) Find the keywords of different language
b) Get the country marketing data of your business

#4 Keywords Traffic Estimator (http://adwords.google.com/o/TrafficEstimator)
When we get the budget of our campaign and collect some keywords, to make sure we will give these keywords more tomes to display ads, we can use this tool to estimator our cost.

a) To estimator our cost
b) To help us to determine the CPC of our keywords
c) Help us to know how many keywords we should use in our ad group

#5 Google Think Holiday (http://www.thinkwithgoogle.com)
I find this tool in 2010 Christmas, when i want to find some advice of 2010's online marketing, there is hard to get the free data, then i find this google tools. There are some marketing advice about some hot season and holiday, like Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas etc.

There are some other tools by google or some other tools by other service, but it is not the best thing that we know many tools, the most important thing is to understand these tools and use these tools right when our business need them.

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