E-Commerce Adwords Strategy: Before Start Your Campaign

When we get a marketing requirements from other team or our boss( Maybe you are the boss :)), the first thing that we must do is to consider to analysis the feasibility of this requirements, not to go to your adwords account and collect the keywords then create the campaigns. Unless you are just want to be a performer, and actually you are. So if you want to make great progress or you are a thinker, consider to analysis the feasibility first.

# 1. Find the core keywords of the products.

I put this step for the first one, because we are marketers, not the category manager, so we can know every products. And we should use the core KW to analysis the requirement. So we must get the core keywords first. There some ways you can do this: Ask for your products manager, never be a shame to talk with your colleague as a semer. Or you can refer to your competitors, they will be the best teachers.

# 2. Analysis the marketing of this products.

Do this does not mean we do not believe our colleagues, in fact we all play different roles in our work, they maybe find this products, because of there are enough supplies, but it does not mean there are enough demands. We must search the core keywords in Google Keywords tools, and check if the core keywords have enough traffics.

#3. Check the Keywords in Google Global MKT Finder

Google Global MKT Finder can help us to research the marketing of the products, we can know which country have the larger attention. And see if our site can suit for the country demand by checking the language, the currency that be about the user performance. If we do not have the language of the most attention marketing, we may consider to give up this promotion.

These 3 steps is telling us why we should analysis the products marketing before starting a campaign. When we do the 3 step and find, this products is suit to promote, we also can not start right now., we must draw up a plan about the keywords and the campaign structure. You'd better ask yourself for these questions:

#1 How much budget do we will spend

This is the first question you must to make sure. Because, all the PPC campaign can not run without money. And you can know how many keywords you need, except you got the budget. So before you start, make sure you have got a reasonable budget. 
#2 Which is the main products we should to promote
Although we have found  the core keywords, but there may be many types of products, for example smartphone is our core keyword, android smartphone would be one of our main products. Because our budget always limited, we can not promote all our products, we must choose the main one. 
#3 How many Keywords we should collect
When we know the main products, we must choose our keywords. This also because the limited budgets, we can not test all the keywords, that will make the test time more longer.
#4 What are the advantages of our products
This question is for our ad copy, when all the things ready, we also should make sure which is our advantage, then we can display in our ad text, and attract the potential customer to click our ads.

When we answer all these questions, we may start to create our campaigns. But i know there are many other elements we must to consider,and different business many have different elements to be consider, if you have some advise, comment this post.

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