Custom Matched Search Query Report to Analysis Your Keywords Perfromance

I wrote an article about how to use matched search query report in google analytics to optimize Google Adwords Campaigns. I have share the pros of this report, there is less delay of adwords’ SQR. 

Adwords SQR not only have delays about 3 days, but also do not have enough data about visitors performance on our site and not so convenient to browse the data campaign by Campaign, or compare a keywords with others. 

Today i will share how to custom your report in Google Analytics, and make your Matched Search Queries Report more useful and solve the problem. 

How to create the matched search queries report.

#1 Under the Custom Report Tap in GA center, then create a new report.
Image 1. Create New Report Under Custom Reporting Tab

#2 On the top of standard Matched seach queries report, click cusomize

Image 2. Customize the Standard Report

How to set the Metrics, Drilldowns and Data Filter

#1 The metric data

You‘d better set the metric group data up to your busines demands, and i suggest that they may include acquisition, behavior, outcome metrics. I choose visits, bounce rate, Pages/Visit, Per Visit Value and E-commerce  Conversion Rate ( if your site is not a e-commerce one, you can choose your goals for instead). There are many metrics you can use, as an analyst, i am sure you have spirit to have all the metrics a try.

Dimension Drilldowns

The setting is also up to your needs. But the reason i write this post is to make the report more convenient, and can compare the keywords performance, so i set the drilldown according to the structure of Adwords account, then i can browse the data step by step. Yes, campaign->Ad Group->Keyword->Match Type->Search Queries. 

#3 Report Filter

This is a important step in custom report's setting, only when you set the right filter, you can get the data you want. Our search query report is about PPC traffic, so set the medium include CPC/CPA/CPM/PPC data, the regular expression is cpc|cpa|cpm|ppc.

Image 3. Custom Matched Search Query Report Settings
You can refer to the image above, when you accomplish all the settings, save the report and you can get your custom report now.

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