Understand the super low bounce rate of your site

I read an article on Sidey’s Blog (China Web Analytics) some days ago, about bounce rate, there are some parts to analysis super low bounce rate, i translate it here:

Super low bounce rate implies monitoring technology problem 
However, if the website (or some major landing page) bounce rate less than 5% or even less than 10%, are likely to contain a monitoring technology problem.There are at least two situation will cause the abnormal low bounce rate. 
  • Firstly, there both are added tracking code in frames page‘s parent pages and sub-pages(i.e., page through iframe or frame nested) ,in most of time , when the page is loaded in the browser, the tracking code run two times in a short period of time. For web site analysis tools, such as Google Analytics, will think that two different pages are opened (because the parent page and page URI is definitely different), so this will obviously is not considered to be a bounce, even if the user do not click on  any links of the page to visit other pages. I have seen an example, in this case, bounce rate is below 5%.
  • Secondly, there are two tracking code to be added in the same page or because of some reason, the same tracking code run two times. So when the page is loaded, as the page is refreshed once, Google Analytics do not calculate this as bounce. Bounce rate  at this circumstances even lower than bounce rate of the first case. But for Adobe SiteCatalyst, because of different definitions of bounce rate, this problem does not exist. 
As an analyst, we must never to hear the result, we'd better test by ourselves and speak according to the test data. So i test the second reason that will cause low bounce rate. This test started on 1st Aug. and ended on 13th. I added two GA tracking code on one of my site. Look at the Image below:(Click to see the larger image)

The average bounce rate of my site was changed from 62.67% to 8.33%, what an amazing data. Good performance bounce rate aha. Although my original bounce rate is higher and i really want my bounce rate to be lower, i can not accept this data, because it's wrong. We can get nothing good for our business via some wrong data. 

By the way, meanwhile, pages per visit of my site increased from 3.38 to 4.52, so if there are two codes on the same page, not only the bounce rate was influenced, but also pages per visit, may be there are some other data was also changed, i will continue to analysis. 

Back to the point of bounce rate, If you guy find your bounce rate is lower (super lower), you'd better to check if there are two part of GA data to avoid the wrong data.
But what is the benchmark of bounce rate, what kinds of bounce rate is good and what is not good? In last part of Sidey's post, he gives some advise to us:
In order to give the benchmark, first of all i will ensure that an important factor has no interference, that is new visit rate of site is certain, and about 30%. On this premise, we come to have a look at what does different website bounce rate mean:
  • Less than 10%: less than 10% of the bounce rate may imply a monitoring  technology problem, exception of some super websites, such as Google, Yahoo, or Facebook.
  • 10%-20%:  the probability of monitoring technology problem still exists, however, another possibility is, there may be a strong temptation content on your web site to lead various visitors to click on.
  • 20%-40%: brother, your site is doing a good job!
  • 40%-60%: not the best, but also not bad!
  • 60%-70%: Well, you need to have a look at the main landing page which is poor performance. Because the defining of a new user ratio is 30%, therefore more than 60% bounce rate can describe that the content of your website is existing problems.
  • 70%-90%: there is a serious problem, requiring to correct your website landing page immediately.
  • 90%: OK, need to update the site immediately, if not ok also, to see is there some problem of your web site server? 70% returning users and more than 90% bounce rate, until your web site has no management, or it is really the server problems, may be unable to load the page.
If you have some other opinions about bounce rate, welcome to comment at this post.


Top 5 Google Tools SEMer or PPCer Should Know

I wrote an article about the adwords strategy, and in this post, i mentioned some tools to help do something before start your adwords campaign, but i do not share how we use these tools, today i will say something about the top 5 Google tools we should use as a semer or ppcer.

#1 Google Keywords Tool(http://adwords.google.com/o/KeywordTool )
All the marketer must know this tool, it's one of the best tool of google. No matter you are a ppcer or seoer, we all must deal with keywords. This tool helps us to research keywords, let us know the world of google we may never know. Do you have this time, when we find a keyword that give us many traffic, but we never considered before, we search the word into google keywords tool, then we know why, it's really a hot keyword. That's the magic of this tool.

What can we do by this tools?
a) Find the keywords we want
b) Find the negative keywords we do not want
c) Get an Ad group suggestion
d) Check the product marketing

#2 Google Insights for Search (http://www.google.com/insights/search/)
This is another wonderful tool of google. You can do almost everything about marketing via this tool.
a) Find the Trends of some keywords
b) Find the hot keywords about some products
c) Compare the products marketing
b) Analysis your branding strategy
d) Research the marketing of some products
e) ......

#3 Google Global Marketing Finder (http://translate.google.com/globalmarketfinder/ )
I use this tool to research the country marketing of our business. We can get the data about our customers and know where are they, which language do they use. When we want to open up a new market, we should research something by this tools.
a) Find the keywords of different language
b) Get the country marketing data of your business

#4 Keywords Traffic Estimator (http://adwords.google.com/o/TrafficEstimator)
When we get the budget of our campaign and collect some keywords, to make sure we will give these keywords more tomes to display ads, we can use this tool to estimator our cost.

a) To estimator our cost
b) To help us to determine the CPC of our keywords
c) Help us to know how many keywords we should use in our ad group

#5 Google Think Holiday (http://www.thinkwithgoogle.com)
I find this tool in 2010 Christmas, when i want to find some advice of 2010's online marketing, there is hard to get the free data, then i find this google tools. There are some marketing advice about some hot season and holiday, like Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas etc.

There are some other tools by google or some other tools by other service, but it is not the best thing that we know many tools, the most important thing is to understand these tools and use these tools right when our business need them.

E-Commerce Adwords Strategy: Before Start Your Campaign

When we get a marketing requirements from other team or our boss( Maybe you are the boss :)), the first thing that we must do is to consider to analysis the feasibility of this requirements, not to go to your adwords account and collect the keywords then create the campaigns. Unless you are just want to be a performer, and actually you are. So if you want to make great progress or you are a thinker, consider to analysis the feasibility first.

# 1. Find the core keywords of the products.

I put this step for the first one, because we are marketers, not the category manager, so we can know every products. And we should use the core KW to analysis the requirement. So we must get the core keywords first. There some ways you can do this: Ask for your products manager, never be a shame to talk with your colleague as a semer. Or you can refer to your competitors, they will be the best teachers.

# 2. Analysis the marketing of this products.

Do this does not mean we do not believe our colleagues, in fact we all play different roles in our work, they maybe find this products, because of there are enough supplies, but it does not mean there are enough demands. We must search the core keywords in Google Keywords tools, and check if the core keywords have enough traffics.

#3. Check the Keywords in Google Global MKT Finder

Google Global MKT Finder can help us to research the marketing of the products, we can know which country have the larger attention. And see if our site can suit for the country demand by checking the language, the currency that be about the user performance. If we do not have the language of the most attention marketing, we may consider to give up this promotion.

These 3 steps is telling us why we should analysis the products marketing before starting a campaign. When we do the 3 step and find, this products is suit to promote, we also can not start right now., we must draw up a plan about the keywords and the campaign structure. You'd better ask yourself for these questions:

#1 How much budget do we will spend

This is the first question you must to make sure. Because, all the PPC campaign can not run without money. And you can know how many keywords you need, except you got the budget. So before you start, make sure you have got a reasonable budget. 
#2 Which is the main products we should to promote
Although we have found  the core keywords, but there may be many types of products, for example smartphone is our core keyword, android smartphone would be one of our main products. Because our budget always limited, we can not promote all our products, we must choose the main one. 
#3 How many Keywords we should collect
When we know the main products, we must choose our keywords. This also because the limited budgets, we can not test all the keywords, that will make the test time more longer.
#4 What are the advantages of our products
This question is for our ad copy, when all the things ready, we also should make sure which is our advantage, then we can display in our ad text, and attract the potential customer to click our ads.

When we answer all these questions, we may start to create our campaigns. But i know there are many other elements we must to consider,and different business many have different elements to be consider, if you have some advise, comment this post.


Custom Matched Search Query Report to Analysis Your Keywords Perfromance

I wrote an article about how to use matched search query report in google analytics to optimize Google Adwords Campaigns. I have share the pros of this report, there is less delay of adwords’ SQR. 

Adwords SQR not only have delays about 3 days, but also do not have enough data about visitors performance on our site and not so convenient to browse the data campaign by Campaign, or compare a keywords with others. 

Today i will share how to custom your report in Google Analytics, and make your Matched Search Queries Report more useful and solve the problem. 

How to create the matched search queries report.

#1 Under the Custom Report Tap in GA center, then create a new report.
Image 1. Create New Report Under Custom Reporting Tab

#2 On the top of standard Matched seach queries report, click cusomize

Image 2. Customize the Standard Report

How to set the Metrics, Drilldowns and Data Filter

#1 The metric data

You‘d better set the metric group data up to your busines demands, and i suggest that they may include acquisition, behavior, outcome metrics. I choose visits, bounce rate, Pages/Visit, Per Visit Value and E-commerce  Conversion Rate ( if your site is not a e-commerce one, you can choose your goals for instead). There are many metrics you can use, as an analyst, i am sure you have spirit to have all the metrics a try.

Dimension Drilldowns

The setting is also up to your needs. But the reason i write this post is to make the report more convenient, and can compare the keywords performance, so i set the drilldown according to the structure of Adwords account, then i can browse the data step by step. Yes, campaign->Ad Group->Keyword->Match Type->Search Queries. 

#3 Report Filter

This is a important step in custom report's setting, only when you set the right filter, you can get the data you want. Our search query report is about PPC traffic, so set the medium include CPC/CPA/CPM/PPC data, the regular expression is cpc|cpa|cpm|ppc.

Image 3. Custom Matched Search Query Report Settings
You can refer to the image above, when you accomplish all the settings, save the report and you can get your custom report now.


Google Analytics matched search queries report to optimize our adwords campaigns

Search query report is an important one when add negative keywords and related keywords to optimize our campaigns. But we can not get the search query report data immediately,there is delay. We only can check the data three days ago in Google Adwords. 

When we publish a new campaign, there may be many negative keywords that we can not think ahead, then the campaign cost too much, we are worried about this campaign and want to know the search queries that customers searched. if we wait for about three days, money waste.

For decrease the money waste, we can use marched search queries in Google Analytics to replace search query report. Although there is delay too, but only about 3 hours, and i am sure you can get some negative keywords in this report daily.

We can find it here: Ga Center->Advertising->Adwords->Matched Search Queries

In this report, there are many other data metrics like visits, bounce rate, visit duration,Pages / Visit etc, and also you can use custom reporting function to customize this report.

I write this post is not mean that Ga matched  search queries report is better than adwords SQR, there are all useful report, we'd better to use both of them to optimize our campaigns. We can use Ga's SQR to find negative quickly to decrease our money waster, and use Adwords SQR to find some better performance keywords.

Using Google Analytics to track multiple top-level domains

We separate our site into .com and .co.uk (maybe other domains) to improve our visitors' experience and also to help us better understand our visitors in different locations. Sometimes, we may also want to collect all the sites' data together to make the data more exactly. For example when visitors search a term from google to our .com site, then go to .co.uk site, we will hope google is our source. But if we do not collect all the data together, Google analytics will make .com site to be the source of .co.uk.

How should we do to track multiple top-level domains, in fact Google Analytics have customized the code for us, in your Ga center Admin->Tracking Code

Choose Multiple top-level domains, Iif you have used one top domain code, you will easy to understand this code. Copy the code and paste the code to all your domains' page, then test for about one week to make sure all the code is ok. You are successful to collect all your data together now, so easy.


What is Google Adwords in intuitive way

When I want to share something about adwords, I am not sure if people are interesting in the topics I write. So I search “google adwords” in google adwords keywords tools, I find that the query “what is google adwords” have about 1,900 search times every month.

I never thought that I will write something about “what is google adwords”, because I thought people who come to my blog all have learned something about adwords. Meanwhile, when i search "what is google adwords" in google there are abour 10,500,00 results.

So i will only share something more intuitive to help friends who are not familiar with Google Adwords to simply learn this google product.

Adwords is an ad system for advisers to promote their business. In fact we often meet the google adwords ads when we search something by google, for example: we search bags in google, the search result page will be:

The two red parts are the ads that promoted by advisers using Google Adwords.This is the ad in google itself. In addition, Google Adwords also can help advisers to promote their business on other sites that joined Google Adsense, another famous google products. When browsing webpages, we might see something like this:

There is "Ads by Google" or "AdChoices" below these ads, these are also belong to Google Adwords.This is my "what is google adwords", you can learn more on Wikipedia:
Google AdWords is Google's main advertising product and main source of revenue. Google's total advertising revenues were USD$28 billion in 2010.[2] AdWords offers pay-per-click, i.e, cost-per-click (CPC) advertising, cost-per-thousand-impressions or cost-per-mile (CPM) advertising, and site-targeted advertising for text, banner, and rich-media ads. The AdWords program includes local, national, and international distribution. Google's text advertisements are short, consisting of one headline consisting of 25 characters and two additional text lines consisting of 35 characters each. Image ads can be one of several different Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) standard sizes. ... Learn More
If you want to learn how to use Google Adwords, you can read more about adwords in my blog here:http://huanggui.blogspot.com/search/label/Google Adwords or visit Google Adwords Learning Center:http://support.google.com/adwords/certification/bin/static.py?hl=en&page=examstudy.cs


Two Firefox Add-ons to check the unused css code of our page and site

If you have tested some css code, and when we delete some code, there may be some css code are not used, if we want to delete these code to decrease the size of a page, it will spend more time. There are some css check tools can help us to check if the css code is unused.
1.     Dust-Me Selectors
Dust-Me is a powerful Firefox Plugin, it can spider your page like a google robots, then check all the css file and css style the page have used, and find the unused css code.When you open your page or your local file in Firefox, click the right button of your mouse,
Note: This plugin can’t spider the css that between <style> and </style> that in your current page.

2.     Google Page Speed
If you are using Google Webmaster Tool, you may be reminded to add Page Speed. This Plugin is based for Firefox famous Plugin Firebug. You will never regret to use google page speed, it can not just check your css, it also help you to optimize your page, and increase the speed of your page by check your image, your js and so on.