3 ways of checking keywords rank of google in different location manually

Sometimes, we may find some keywords get traffic to our site, but we can’t find our page in the google search result when we search these keywords. Then we find that these keywords have a high rank in other place through Google Analytics or Google Webmaster Tools, like google.in(Google India). So we need to check the keywords rank of these keywords now.

1.     Manually search in the local google site
When you get the exact location from Google Analytics or Google Webmaster Tool, you can search direct in the location Google website. For instant, the rank is in Brazil, you can visit google.com.br, if in United Kingdom, you can visit google.co.uk. But if you can't find the domain of this country, you can use the second way.

2.     Browse Plugin Google Global
Google Global is the first tool I have used for rank check, it is easy to install, and easy to use.When you finished the install, search the keyword in google, and use the plugin it will take you to the right Google local site. Also the tools only have some presetting google place, like us,uk,au etc, if you want more place, you must add yourself.

Download this Plugin if you like: Google Global for Firefox, Google Global for Chrome.

3.     Google Adwords Ad Preview Tools
If you are a SEM, you may familiar with this useful google tools. It is not only for the advisers to preview their google ads, but also can help SEOer to check the local rank of some key words. Because this tools can choose the location and language, the most important thing is that when previews, the organic search result of google can also display, so you can use this to check what you want. This is the best way for you to complete your work. You never need know the domain of some country. The only thing you must to do is select the country and the Laguange then click the preview button.

Note: Because of google have insert something social into the seach result, when you are in your google account , the search result maybe your search result, not for all the people, so you’d better log out of your account when you check the rank.

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