3 ways of checking keywords rank of google in different location manually

Sometimes, we may find some keywords get traffic to our site, but we can’t find our page in the google search result when we search these keywords. Then we find that these keywords have a high rank in other place through Google Analytics or Google Webmaster Tools, like google.in(Google India). So we need to check the keywords rank of these keywords now.

1.     Manually search in the local google site
When you get the exact location from Google Analytics or Google Webmaster Tool, you can search direct in the location Google website. For instant, the rank is in Brazil, you can visit google.com.br, if in United Kingdom, you can visit google.co.uk. But if you can't find the domain of this country, you can use the second way.

2.     Browse Plugin Google Global
Google Global is the first tool I have used for rank check, it is easy to install, and easy to use.When you finished the install, search the keyword in google, and use the plugin it will take you to the right Google local site. Also the tools only have some presetting google place, like us,uk,au etc, if you want more place, you must add yourself.

Download this Plugin if you like: Google Global for Firefox, Google Global for Chrome.

3.     Google Adwords Ad Preview Tools
If you are a SEM, you may familiar with this useful google tools. It is not only for the advisers to preview their google ads, but also can help SEOer to check the local rank of some key words. Because this tools can choose the location and language, the most important thing is that when previews, the organic search result of google can also display, so you can use this to check what you want. This is the best way for you to complete your work. You never need know the domain of some country. The only thing you must to do is select the country and the Laguange then click the preview button.

Note: Because of google have insert something social into the seach result, when you are in your google account , the search result maybe your search result, not for all the people, so you’d better log out of your account when you check the rank.


The reasons of low CTR of our adwords ads

Some semers, especially the new ones, might find that our ads’ CTR is very low, there are many impressions, but no click or a few clicks. There are many reasons that can cause the low CTR

1. The unattractive Ad Text
The first thing you must to do is to check your ad text. The good ad text might include these elements: the numbers, the action and the keywords you buy.
a) Numbers will make the ads more attractive, for example: 50% Off, 7 Days limited etc.
b) The action will guide the customer to click your ads and do something on your site.
c) If your ads include the keyword it will make the keywords and the ads more match. And google also will highlight the keywords in your ads.

2. The Ads and Search Keywords not perfectly match

We suggest there are not too many keywords in one ad group, because one ad group have 2-3 ads, these ads can not cover all the keywords meaning. And google can not make sure what your main content of your group is.
If your ad group is perfect, then you can consider: do your ads are related to your keywords, and both related to your search queries. We may find that the keywords are match the ads, but the CTR is still low, this might be because of your search query is not match your keywors. For example, your ads is about cell phone and your keywords are also cell phone related, but if your keywords are broad or phrase match type , keywords: include cell phone case, cell phone change, cell phone battle etc maybe appear in your search queries. So make these "maybe" keywords negative will decrease some impressions, and improve your CTR.

3. Your rank is low
Check the rank of your ads, do these ads have low ranks after 5 , if so, you might got the high ctr too. You can increase your keywords bid if possible.

4. Other reasons.
Now it's your turn, write your comments below and share some other reasons with us.


The first blog post

Today is 19th, 7,2012, I start my English blog today. I have write something in Chinese before, but never in English. I work in a B2B company, and I am responsibility for Adwords,Analytics,Adsense etc. so I have some experience in online marketing. This blog will write something about online marketing, earning online and data analysis. First, I want share something about me to others, secondly I want to practice my writing. Good luck to myself, when some years later, I see my blog, I will laugh at me. At last welcome to my blog, my really blog.